Marketing Squad
The SquiggleDAO Marketing Squad serves as the cruise directors for the big-ole boat of squiggly love.
Community led marketing activities are at the heart of building a successful SquiggleDAO. The world needs to know about the unique focus that our DAO has taken, and the path that we are on to build the largest collection of generative art.
Our Marketing Squad is largely volunteer and egalitarian. Any SquiggleDAO member can join our Squad, and we seek to elevate those into leadership positions who are able to consistently contribute their time and expertise to coordinating the promotion of SquiggleDAO and it's endeavors.

Squad Mission

Be the public face of SquiggleDAO, coordinating and producing all public facing materials to increase the relevance of the DAO.

Core Responsibilities

  • Launch initiatives to promote SquiggleDAO (bounties, Masterclasses, interviews, articles, etc.)
  • Create materials to promote on-chain generative art
  • Manage all public facing mediums: blog, social media, YouTube, etc.
  • Reward contributors for performing tasks that add value related to the core responsibilities of the Marketing Squad

How to get Involved