Introduction to Squads
Introducing Committees a semi-autonomous organization within the DAO to manage certain mission-critical aspects of the DAO's strategy.

What's a Squad?

A SquiggleDAO Squad is a group of DAO members that have elected to focus their efforts on a specific aspect of the DAOs mission. We have decided to propose this structure in order to enable DAO members to align their efforts to the most important aspects of the DAO. It also enables DAO members who are not Genesis Team members to take leadership roles within the organization.

General Facts

  • Each Squad is led by a dedicated member of the SquiggleDAO community who has been nominated by the Board of Squiggle Strategy (BSS)
  • Anyone in the DAO can contribute to any/all Squads at any time
  • DAO compensation (via SQUIG) will be measured based on responsibility and contribution. This will ultimately be managed by DAO Governance

Committee Responsibilities

  • Developing/executing a strategic plan, including the deployment of Treasury resources
  • Developing a budget and requesting funds from the Treasury
  • Participating in Governance Calls
  • Communicating progress with the DAO
  • Proposing all major initiatives through the DAO Governance structure

Why would I want to join a Squad?

There are a lot of moving parts within a DAO and the non-hierarchical nature of a DAO means it's more difficult to do a lot of things at once (and do them well). We believe this is a happy middle ground where anyone can step up and take on additional responsibility while also providing specific outcomes. If you want to focus on real-world squiggle events, join the Marketing Squad. If you would rather focus on finding and supporting new artists, join the Curation Squad. If you want to help the DAO acquire art from the market, join the Acquisiton Squad. It's that simple.

Why would I want to be a Squad Leader?

If you have a particular talent or a strong desire to contribute to a particular Squad, this is a great way to step up. Contributing to a DAO is no vacation. We are proposing big plans for the future and talented, energetic humans are going to be critical to this happening.
Do you want to etch your name into the SquiggleDAO history books? This is how you do it!
This is also an opportunity to earn a significant amount of SQUIG for your efforts.