Curation Squad
This DAO team is responsible for sourcing and elevating generative artists into the world via SquiggleDAO.
Do you like this hairstyle? Then the Curation Squad may be for you

Squad Mission

We are true lovers of generative art. Our mission is to find, elevate and launch generative artists into the world. We will leverage the SquiggleDAO community and its resources to ensure that talented generative artists will always have a platform on which to share their creations.

Core Responsibilities

  • Become thought leaders in the world of generative art
  • Deeply explore the generative art space and find talented humans that would like to NFT their work
  • Provide community support and financial resources to generative artists wanting to launch with SquiggleDAO
  • Work with other Committees to promote portfolio artists and generative art in general

How to get Involved