Guiding Principles
Inspired by the work of Index Coop, our Guiding Principles can be broken down into three core areas:
  • Mission
  • Community
  • Personal
They are written here to act as a focal point for the DAO as we grow, something for the community to refer back to and make sure we stay on course and true to our values.


  • Support the art - Increase the relevance and mind share of on-chain generative art in general and Chromie Squiggles in particular.
  • Support the artists - Source, fund and launch generative artists.
  • Collect - Become one of the best and biggest collections of Chromie Squiggles and on-chain generative art.


  • Long-term thinking - We do things for the long-term benefit of the DAO, our users, and the community. We strive not to make decisions for short-term benefits.
  • People > Profits - At the end of the day, this organization is for the art and the artists. The collection of resources enables us to do more.
  • Fairness - We believe everyone has the right to participate in the DAO and we aim to keep access affordable for anyone with the desire to add value.
  • Empathy - Before speaking, we listen to all parties to really understand where they are coming from, their needs, their concerns, and fears. Through building common understanding, we are able to come up with solutions that address all concerns and work towards a shared goal.
  • Internal Motivation - We do things because we believe them to be right, find them worth pursuing in and of themselves, and help us become who we want to be. We are not driven by external factors like politics or appeasing investors.
  • Transparency - Our strength comes from the collective community, not from hiding information from one another. Of course, there are things that are sensitive (e.g. HR, Legal, etc.) which have to be kept secret, but we strive to work in the open and keep maximum information flow available to everyone in the community.


  • Communication - We talk to each other honestly, about ourselves and about work. We’re all humans and have all chosen to share our lives together. Come as your whole self and be willing to be vulnerable. This is how we communicate.
  • Autonomy - We operate on teams and roles instead of titles and hierarchy. We empower everyone to be a leader and start new initiatives. We take responsibility for our actions, clearly communicate our goals and plans with the DAO to be accountable, and act as the owners of SquiggleDAO that we all are.
  • Self-Organization - Our teams are committed to building stronger bonds with other teams within the DAO and seek advice when our decisions affect others. We act as a single organism - sensing, responding, and acting to each other and the outside world. Making all roles, teams, and internal agreements explicit and transparent to the DAO is critical, it is documentation that allows us to operate more freely and efficiently in a distributed workplace.
  • Growth and Improvement - We value growing as individuals, as a cooperative, and as a broader community. We respectfully challenge each other and our assumptions, constantly searching for new areas to grow, whatever “grow” might mean. We seek to constantly learn from mistakes by reflecting, reviewing, and making necessary changes. Mistakes are not something to blame or shame people for. We recognize our current plan can always be improved and that the world is dynamic and constantly changes - thus we collectively need to adapt and change too.
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