Get Involved
There are many different ways to get involved in the DAO. To stay connected with the community, please refer to any of the sections below

Join our Discord

Discord is our primary community platform. This is where most unstructured community interaction takes place. There are two main sections to the Discord:

General Channel

This is the open free-form chat room for the DAO. Any human that wants to enter the Discord can do so here. You'll get access to DAO members if you have any questions as well as our Announcements channel where major updates are posted.

Squiggle Chat

The Squiggle Chat is a members-only section where the inner workings of the DAO are explored and built. Community members discuss ideas, share art, debate DAO initiatives and observe the NFT market in real time.
To join the Squiggle Chat you must own either a Chromie Squiggle or 1,000 $SQUIG tokens. Once you have joined the Discord, you will be asked to verify this ownership and if approved, you will be automatically invited to the Squiggle Chat.

Mirror Articles

This is where we will provide major public updates regarding progress with the DAO. If you want to stay in touch with the big picture, this is the best way to do it.

Weekly Ops Calls

Once a week we host a public 'Ops' call where the Ops team synchronizes on day-to-day work, surfaces problems and provides updates on in-flight projects. If you're a Squiggle Chat member you'll have access to this channel in the Squiggle Gate section of Discord in the 🍕|meetings channel.

Weekly Ops Call (Discord)

  • Point person: Gregg
  • Time: Wednesdays at 18:30 UTC
  • Cadence: Weekly
  • Purpose: Review ongoing work and major updates

Weekly Squad Calls

If you want to get involved or just know what we are working on, you can check the Discord channels for the different Squads (Marketing, Treasury, Acquisition and Community) or join the weekly calls
  • Marketing: Tuesdays @ 14:00 UTC
  • Treasury: TBD
  • Acquisition: Thursdays @ 15:00 UTC
  • Community: TBD