We'll try to answer the most important questions here

What is a DAO?

I have questions about the DAO. What should I do?

The best way to ask questions is to join Discord. Jump into the #general channel and ask a question.

How do I earn $SQUIG?

SQUIG can be earned primarily through DAO contributions. You'll need to become a DAO member and find a way to do that. The other option is via the SQUIG/ETH Uniswap pair.

What is a Squiggle?

See the Welcome to SquiggleDAO page in the community guide

Why use Squiggles as a Membership Token?

Using an NFT as a membership token is a novel approach because each participant has stake in the game.

What is the purpose of the Treasury?

One of the core missions of the DAO is accumulate on-chain generative art. The Treasury is the DAOs are collection.
The secondary purpose of the Treasury is that it enables the DAO to have resources (the art itself or the value of the SQUIG token) which can be deployed to serve the mission of the DAO.

Why are you collecting art?

Collector DAOs are a new concept but theoretically provide the perfect incentives for art curation and collection whilst still providing low-barrier access.

Why Generative Art specifically?

On-chain generative art is awesome.
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