The $SQUIG Token

$SQUIG tokens are the coordination mechanism at the core of SquiggleDAO. The purpose of this token is to enable the members of the DAO to participate in DAO governance. One $SQUIG = one vote.
Some key examples of utility include:
  • Nominating and electing core contributors and multi-sig holders
  • Implementing new or revised governance over the DAO
  • Coordinating DAO resources to support projects (IRL events, generative art exhibitions, etc.)
  • Acquiring generative art from the open market or auction
  • Supporting other projects/platforms in the space
Note that $SQUIG has no financial value and offers no rights or claims to assets or revenue.

$SQUIG Token Contract

Token ID: SQUIG Token Address: 0x373acda15ce392362e4b46ed97a7feecd7ef9eb8 DAO Treasury: 0x56fcb471A9DdE74045830439AD6612C9aad53C19 Total Supply: 10,000,000 Minted Supply: 100%
Planned Distribution
DAO Treasury: 50% Genesis Team: 10% (5% distributed, 5% remaining via DAO approval) Community Airdrop: 5% Bounty Program: 5% Public Distribution: 30% (in progress)