SDIP User Guide
If want to suggest an SDIP to the DAO, this is where you can find details on how to do that.


The SDIP process is not just about fulfilling the DAO's functional duties. A streamlined and accessible SDIP process can help cultivate a community which values open collaboration and ensure contributions are recognized and given a clear path to success.


  • Make the path for community contribution simple, accessible, and achievable
  • Set clear guidelines for “next steps” at each stage of proposal process
  • Demonstrate contribution efforts are valued and put to good use


1. Discord

This is the initial fielding research + discussion on Discord, governance forum, Twitter or any other venue. This is an informal process to gauge community interest in a potential SDIP.
Here are some questions the contributor might want to answer:
  • Am I able to informally get any traction for this proposal in the Discord?
  • Has this proposal been tried before?
  • How does this proposal get the community closer to achieving its stated goals?
  • What trade-offs are implicit in this improvement’s adoption?
If you want to start discussion of a Proposal you can do so in #general or a squad specific channel on Discord

2. Request an SDIP# from the Editor team

Once a contributor feels they have a rough consensus that their idea is valuable, original, and achievable they should submit a SDIP request to create an SDIP #. Submit an SDIP request here and an Editor will take care of it.

To request an SDIP# you must either:

  • Have 10,000 SQUIG
  • Nominate someone to represent you who has 10,000 SQUIG
  • Be a DAO member

3. Forum + Discord

Once the SDIP# has been created, an Editor will create:
  1. 1.
    A post for the SDIP in the Proposals section of the Forum
  2. 2.
    A dedicated Discord channel for the SDIP (for unstructured dialogue)
The proposal forum is used as a formal area to debate the merits of each SDIP. In the early stages of SquiggleDAO, if a super majority consensus (>90% FOR after 7 days) is achieved for a given SDIP in the governance forum poll, that SDIP can be moved to the “Approved” state and implementation can begin immediately. If an SDIP can not reach super majority consensus in the governance forum, it will be put to a Snapshot vote. All actions requiring multi-sig execution MUST be put to a Snapshot vote.

(optional) Governance Calls

Governance calls may also be used to debate SDIP proposals and to gauge community sentiment on them. The governance calls do not represent a formal venue to measure consensus.

(optional) Calling a Vote

If an SDIP is contentious, it must be put to a Snapshot vote for the community to accept or reject. The SDIP author is responsible for deciding a snapshot vote date with the following criteria in mind:
  • The snapshot voting period may not begin until at least 7 days after the SDIP status has been moved to “Proposed” state.
  • The SDIP has a voting period of 3 days where token holders may vote FOR or AGAINST.

Snapshot Voting

When a snapshot voting date has been decided, an SDIP Editor will create a snapshot vote page with the following criteria:
  • Minimum Quorum: More than 20% of circulating, non-treasury $SQUIG must participate for a proposal to pass. For Treasury transactions, more than 40% of the tokens must participate.
  • Passing Threshold: More than 50% of voting tokens must vote FOR for the SDIP to pass. For Treasury transactions, more than 70% of voting tokens must vote FOR for the SDIP to pass.

Post Voting Process

After the snapshot voting period has concluded an SDIP Editor will tally votes and update the SDIP post with the related voting data. If a proposal is passed, the SDIP is moved from proposed to approved. If a proposal is rejected the SDIP may be moved to rejected or back to WIP to be revised for future consideration.


In the early stages of SquiggleDAO, approved SDIPs will be executed via multisig where necessary. Otherwise, implementation of the SDIP will vary on a case-by-case basis.